Artist Statment

The focus and direction of my art revolves around the idealization of “woman” and societal views of a perceived role and status, which transcends ethnic, cultural, and economic barriers. In my art I seek to portray – symbolically and compositionally -  the duality of strength and delicacy, simplicity and complexity, intellectual order and emotional impact. Since I see these as the associative attributes of maternal icon and consummate mate, which are embodied in the concept of the  “feminine mystique”.

I also endeavor to show the captivating aspects of womanhood by creating the illusion of lace. Coupled with the use of paints and/or printing inks, forms and symbols are incised on scraperboard, clayboard, and acetate surfaces to create designs, which capture the ethereal fluid quality of lace material in a trompe l’oeil fashion.

These lacelike textures at times shift between transparency and opacity in a layered manner. Depicting images through the lace metaphorically alludes to a sense of entanglement or the engulfing quality of a gossamer material, which can be likened to the conceptual confines of the iconic woman. Thereby creating a work of art, which simultaneously reflects both the constraints imposed by societal norms and the strength of the female who transcends these restraints.